Our Story

In the mid of 2020, I heard a conversation between my mother and sister, who were discussing to purchase some skincare products as suggested by an expert,  but they were not able to  afford  due to the higher price.

It really hurts me,  so being a son, I tried to figure out a product for them online and offline, but was not able to get that level of product at an affordable price.

Further, the traditional skin care products which were available in the market couldn’t  solve the problem as told by  the experts.  So, I thought, why not to develop Problem solving  products enriched with rich ingredients that could solve the skin problem in an efficient manner at an affordable price. 

As we are aware that the majority of the people in India are from the middle segment, so, why not these products are accessible for  every Indian Middle Class women so that they can also treat their skin as an asset. 

Accordingly, I launched Scientifically formulated luxurious products enriched with essential oils & rich ingredients at an affordable price Which gives a very refreshing, curing, protective and luxurious feeling. 

Our Products are also available on Amazon, Flipkart, Sheroes, Meesho, lbb, glowby tressmart, 1mg etc.